The link below will bring you to an article that appeared in the Fitchburg Sentinal regarding our Class Gift:


Work will begin on the project once school is out. A new section will appear with photos of the project as it progresses. I will be going out to Fitchburg to help with the project and get some photo’s and videos for the website. Stay tuned for progress reports.


In an effort to keep our class “different” than others, I thought that it would be interesting to see what has happened to classmates since we departed Crocker Field that evening in ’66. I talked to a couple classmates about the idea and one decided to set the bar very high for this project. His contribution is in the new section “What a Long Strange Trip It's Been”. Check it out. Oh, you will need a password to read the document, you should have got one in the email that I sent out regarding this new section. If you need one shoot me an email and I will send it back to you.

Fall 2014 Social

I have posted the pictures from the Social. They are available for viewing here or by the tab at the top of the page. Special thanks to Susan (Daigle) Tester for taking all the photo’s on that page.

Every time I attend one of these I am very glad that I took the 90 min ride. It is a wonderful time to sit and catch up with classmates that you might have not seen since graduation. I had an opportunity to sit and catch up with Don Bingham and his wife Eileen. The last time I saw him was at graduation from The Mount. From what I could see everyone had a great time, and of course the food was great.

It allowed the team of Dennis Casey and John Cordio make a presentation of our Class Gift. Steve DiPace was not able to attend due to a prior commitment to visit his children while on the way to Florida for the winter. A lot of work has gone into the planning of this fantastic Alumni Park. They have got the OK from all the necessary groups. The plan is to start when school ends and be done prior to the beginning of the 2015- 2016 school year. More info and pictures will be available as we get close to mid June.


Chart showing amount raised for the class gift. Currently it is over $18,000 and climbing.


This will be the largest gift in the history of 

Fitchburg High School.

Click on chart to go to the Class Gift page for design and more information

Since our goal has been reached, any excess will be going toward a scholarship.



Being that we were the 100th graduating class from FHS we had a mission after graduation to do something different. Well this is it!

This site will be the repository for our class. You will find email addresses, physical addresses, alpha breakdown of known classmates, alpha breakdown of classmates by state, city/town and last name, and the unfortunate list of known classmates who are deceased. Announcements about yearly “socials” along with notices about the 50th in 2016.

This is the 21st Century, take advantage of the technology available and information that is contained here. Missed someone at the reunion or you didn’t attend. Send an email to the classmates that you wanted to see and set up a Skype or FaceTime (Mac) video chat with them. With cellphones and current phone plans, just give them a call!

This site will only be as good as you help make it. Got something you are proud of, send it to be included in the newsletter that will be posted on this site. Traveling, send photos. Update your information or if you found a “missing” classmate go to the Update Info page and let us know so the information can be added or corrected.

The reunion committee. I'm describing them by their maiden names.Left to right: Jessica Waugh, Joy Bailey, Sue Ruberti, Judy Wagner, Jane Cook, Joan Angelini, Fay Lamb.

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